St. George's, Grenada

Welcome to St. George’s.

Grenada offers an unprecedented range of gorgeous scenery, beautiful islands, and secluded beaches that are all unspoiled by mass tourism. Visiting Spice Island, as it’s more commonly known, is an authentic journey into some unique cities, a fascinating history and an appealing mixture of local culture and colonial influences. St George’s, Grenada’s capital, is one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean that is blessed with a busy harbor, gorgeous beaches, nearby waterfalls, hiking trails, and so much room for all types of water activities.

For such a small city, there is a lot to see and do. You can learn about the country’s heritage, go on mountainous adventures, trek through trails that go between waterfalls, and enjoy the beautiful harbor and brick and stone buildings.

To get the most out of your adventure, please make sure to read this itinerary from front-to-back. It is sectioned into three parts: prep, daily itineraries, and an appendix identifying everything you need to print (lodging, train tickets, etc). 


The dreaded part of any vacation - planning! Every savvy traveler knows that it’s always better to plan and book early in advance to bag those irresistible bargains. Not only do you get to save up to 25% on flight and hotel prices, but you also get to never settle for second-best! Lower flight prices, room deals and early bird discounts are only some of the many benefits of booking your tickets, excursions and accommodation early on. We recommend planning and booking 3 to 6 months in advance – a surefire way to have a worry-free pre-holiday buzz when the time to travel is near!


The best time to book your flight is anywhere between 50 to 90 days in advance to avoid the unpredictable fluctuations of the prices. If you’re traveling in peak season (from January to April), make sure you book well in advance as well. 

We also definitely recommend renting a car from the airport, so you can have the needed flexibility to visit as many places as possible and venture out of town as well.  Keep in mind, they drive on the left side of the road in Grenada and most vehicles come with steering wheels on the right side. If you’re nervous about driving “in revers”, we suggest booking a taxi or hotel shuttle service.

Book Ahead

There won’t be anything you need to book ahead before your trip except for your diving tour, and your car rental. Everything can easily be purchased on the spot. 


We recommend buying travel insurance. Without insurance, and in case of emergency, you’ll find that the costs can easily pile up – leaving you with expenses you definitely did not budget for. Always have your insurance slip along with a physical copy on you, and keep another on your phone just in case. Better be safe than sorry!


No VISA, no problem

US Citizens are able to travel to The Caribbean  without a visa.. The requirements for entry are simple; make sure your passport is valid for three months after departure and you have two blank pages for stamps.


In most cases, Grenada uses the British three-pin rectangular Type G electrical plug. Unless your hotel or resort comes equipped with Type A or B electrical outlet, commonly used in USA, Canada, Mexico & Japan, you will need to bring an adapter. 


International: Dial the international access code (001 in US, 00 in Europe), then the country code (1-473 for Grenada) then the number. Drop the initial 0 if there is one. 


For this itinerary, allow 6 nights, 7 days.

  • ARRIVE: Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND) in the morning of DAY 1

  • DEPART: : Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND) in the evening of DAY 7


St. George’s has plenty of lodging options available that cater to all types of tastes. From luxury and boutique hotels, to B&Bs, AirBnB’s and hostels - the options are endless. 

St. George’s, Grenada| DAY 1 - 7, 6 nights


From the U.S

The main carriers from the U.S to Grenada are American Airlines, Delta and jetBlue and each have their own advantages. The best airline completely depends on which airline has the best deals at the time you’re traveling. There are direct flights from New York, Miami, Washington, Atlanta and Boston.

We recommend choosing American Airlines because they have the most non-stop routes, great in-flight entertainment and their service is impeccable. They also operate from Europe to Grenada. 

Unforgettable Moments - St .George’s Highlights

The kaleidoscope of different colors characterizes the spirit of St George’s. Red, yellow and green blend in together and are reflected on the beautiful waters of the harbor. From the Market Square to the beautiful sands of Grand Anse and the spice plantations, you won’t be running out of things to do at St. George’s.

Day 1: Arrival + Exploration


The Maurice Bishop International Airport is only ten minutes away from St. Georges. We recommend renting a car on your trip so you can have flexibility and be able to discover everything that St George’s has to offer without the hassle of using buses. After you pick-up your car at the airport, head towards the Market Square. 


Once you arrive at your hotel, you’ll be aching to explore! And we want you to do just that. Drop your bags at your hotel, and then head straight to St. George’s Market Square where you can soak up the local atmosphere as you walk through stalls of handmade crafts, fresh tropical fruits, spices, and much more. 

Your next stop will be Fort Frederick, a fort with the perfect mixture of views and an interesting history. Enjoy the stunning views of St George’s and the sprawling sea.


Lunch at BB’s Crabback is a must on your trip, it’s one of the best restaurants in St. George’s that is perched right on the water at the end of Carenage. Don’t miss out on their local favorites including the callaloo soup. After you’ve got your lunch fix, visit the Grenada National Museum. A must visit in St George’s, this museum houses an assortment of all types of historical items, artifacts and exhibits. The cherry on top is the fact that it’s located right inside a former prison! Who knows...You might encounter a ghost or two! There’s plenty to see there that will teach you everything you need to know about the colorful history of Grenada.


If you want to do it the way the locals and the yachties do it, spend your evening at Prickly Bay Marina where you can pizza, cocktails and of course - beautiful views over the marina. 

Day 2

Canva - Ship Moored Caribbean Islands Cruise.jpg


The best way to start your day right is by savoring on some local-style porridge and coffee at Deyna’s Tasty Foods. If you’re feeling a little too hungry, then go straight for the baked chicken with callaloo. Stroll towards Fort George, Grenada’s oldest fort,  and enjoy the sweeping panoramic vistas of St George’s façade. You’ll see the quintessential red-tiled roofs that the city is known for and you’ll get to enjoy the backdrop of the sea and the harbor beyond.


Pass by House of Chocolate, which is basically every chocolate lover’s heaven: a gift shop, café and museum all in one that is all about chocolate. Whether you want to sample some treats, or sit and have coffee, this place will get you re-energized for the rest of the day. 


You’d have probably heard of Grand Anse Beach by now…After all, it’s the most famous one in Grenada and for all the right reasons! This two-mile-long beach is the perfect example of Caribbean beauty. Golden sands, water activities, restaurants and much more dot the beach so you can spend all afternoon long there without getting bored.  


At this point, you’ll definitely be starving. Nothing tastes better than post-beach seafood, and Victory Bar & Grill offers just in a fun, festive atmosphere.

Next, go to La Luna, a waterfront bar where you can unwind with a glass of wine overlooking the water.

Day 3

Canva - Grenada Waterfall.jpg


Spend your morning strolling around Carenage, the inner harbor that is the definition of picturesque. Red-brick Georgian buildings make it quite a distinct area, and you’ll find plenty of shops to have breakfast at. We recommend Nutmeg for some delicious food.  It’s hard to find someone who isn’t a fan of waterfalls and  the Annandale Falls are no exception. The 30-foot falls plunge into a gorgeous pool that is perched amidst lush tropical flora. You can spend the entire morning at this lovely spot – sunbathing, relaxing or joining in on some amateur local cliff-diving. In case you thought you weren’t spoilt enough yet with beautiful scenery, the paths go right through a botanical garden.


You can’t visit St. George’s without trying out some of the area’s renowned rum. Make your way to the River Antoine Rum Distillery and learn all about how the rum is made, how they harvest the sugar cane and the rum-making and bottling process. And yes, you do get a free sample!


Also a little fun fact here – you can’t take that rum home or on a plane. The reason for this is because it’s too flammable to be taken anywhere!


Go back to Carenage and choose one of the many bars there to have a drink after a long day out.

Day 4: Day trip to Carriacou!

From St George’s

To Carriacou

Via Ferry

Duration 1.5 hours each way.

Good morning! Another day, another island! You’ll be going to the largest Grenadines island for a chill day of national parks and gorgeous sandy beaches.

Take a ferry from the harbor that will take you there in just one and a half hours, and get ready for a whole day of island-touring! You’ll be able to savor the unspoiled beaches, take in the peaceful atmosphere that comes with this laid-back island, and get to know all about locals and their traditions. 


Before heading on your day-trip, have a delicious breakfast at Doubles where you can try out the bara bread wrapped around a spicy chickpea curry. When you arrive to Carriacou, start a guided island tour that will take you through Hillsborough, and then will reach Belair National Park. The park brims with wildlife, and still houses the ruins of the French and English plantations!


Island trips need Island-style lunches, and Grand View Restaurant serves some great lunch food to keep you going. After you’re done satisfying your hunger, head over to Paradise Beach where you’ll spend the rest of the afternoon. You can  swim, chill on the beach, rejuvenate or simply do nothing all afternoon long.


Once you’re back in St. George’s try out food and drinks at the marina-side Dodgy Dock. This bar and restaurants offers unparalleled views of the sailboats and the water, along with great food to match the atmosphere.

Day 5

Canva - Grenada's Inner Harbor.jpg


If you’re bored of going to the same type of restaurants, then Spice Basket is for you. It’s a bar…a restaurant…. a museum…and wait for it…a theatre! This all-in-one establishment is a great place to have breakfast since you’ll be able to enjoy local delights while also checking out all types of events and exhibitions they have going on.


Drive north of St. George’s to the Moliniere Bay where you’ll be embarking on one hell of an adventure! The Underwater Sculpture Park is undoubtedly the most famous tourist attraction in Grenada and for good reason. This underwater gallery can be reached by diving, snorkeling or getting on a glass bottom boat. Of course, a glass bottom boat works but you won’t be getting the same experience as you would if you come face to face with the incredible sculptures below


Once you’re back on the ground, head towards the Belmont Estate where you’ll go on Grenada’s most famous spice tour. The entire island is renowned for its rich flavors and spices, and it would be a shame to leave without learning all about. The plantation dates back to over 300 years ago, and you’ll get to see how the spices are processed and then try them out at the Belmont Estate Restaurant.

If you’re a serious chocoholic, then there’s an entire Chocolate Factory that you can sign up for a tour in, where you will be served a three-course lunch with nothing but chocolate.


Since Grand Anse Beach is, both, a local and tourist favorite, you’ll be revisiting again today. Try out drinks at the Umbrella’s Beach Bar while enjoying their live music.

Day 6

Morning + Afternoon

Music and breakfast? Count us in please! You need to fill up on breakfast today at Mt. Moritz Breakfast because it will be a loooong day! You’ll be setting about one of the most popular hikes that will take you the Seven Sisters Hall – so you’ll be getting a scenic route and gorgeous scenery in the end.


The Grand Etang National Park is where you’ll start your trail. Specifically at the visitor center where you can choose between different trails depending on your physical strength and how much time you want to be hiking. A lot of people take up the Mount Qua Qua for the beautiful views it gives you of the lake and the sea.


Once you get through the gorgeous paths, you’ll arrive at the Seven Sisters Fall, and let us tell you – scrambling through cascading water after a 3-hour hike is definitely more rewarding than you might think!


Visit the West Indies Beer Company for some local, in-house brewed craft beers along with live music. A cold beer will be much needed after a hectic day of hiking.

Day 7: bye St. George’s!


We recommend taking the latest flight out of St George’s, but if you still have time to waste, Art Fabrik is a great store that specializes in upmarket beach wraps and dresses. If you want to souvenir shop, Espalande Mall and Young Street are also two great options.

African American Experiences

  • R&B Wednesdays at Old School Pub near Point Salines.

  • Street Food Wednesdays at Dodgy Dock

Luxury Hotels and Villas List

The best thing about St. George’s is that it has a huge selection of hotels and self-catering to suit all sorts of budgets and tastes. The best beaches, along with the best hotels and restaurants are all clustered around the southwest corner of the island, and nothing is every more than a 15 minute journey away. 

Here are some of our top picks on where to stay!

Packing Made Simple!

Canva - African American Girl Preparing Baggage for Vacation and Travel.jpg
  1. Take a lightweight dress or a beach cover-up along with swimsuits for those essential beach visits. 

  2. Comfortable shorts, skirts and cotton t-shirts. 

  3. If you plan on partaking in any outdoor excursions, we suggest bringing bug/mosquito repellent.

  4. You do not in any way need heels. In fact, heels will be just be a nuisance. Get comfortable shoes, since you’ll be walking a lot. 

  5. Sandals. 

  6. Shoulders bags.  

  7. Hiking shoes. 

  8. All your toiletries. 

  9. Pack light, using packing cubes and always roll your clothes!

  10. One or two dressy outfits if you intend on going out. 

  11. Don’t forget your electrical outlet adapters.

  12. Prescription medication. 

Recommended Airlines & Routes 

From the U.S

The main carriers from the U.S to Grenada are American Airlines, Delta and jetBlue and each have their own advantages. The best airline completely depends on which airline has the best deals at the time you’re traveling. There are direct flights from New York, Miami, Washington, Atlanta and Boston.

We recommend choosing American Airlines because they have the most non-stop routes, great in-flight entertainment and their service is impeccable. They also operate from Europe to Grenada. 

Apps, Transportation & The ‘Gram

  • Grenada Outdoor App - A comprehensive digital guide of Grenada. 

  • Go Carib Go - Another app with guides on everything you need to know about visiting the Carribean cities. 

  • Tripadvisor | One of the best city guides to use while in St. George’s with real reviews from people. It’s a great app if you want to find less-touristy things to do or if you want to explore areas around you. 

  • iLand Guide - detailed maps, offline maps, upcoming events, restaurants, tours, and more 


The Gram




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Most Instagrammable Spots in St. George’s. 

  • Seven Sisters Fall

  • Belmont Estate

  • Grand Anse Beach

  • St. George’s.

  • Underwater Sculpture Park

Destination Facts

  • The official language is English. 

  • The entire population of Grenada is 107,021 people. 

  • St. George’s is the capital and is surrounded by an old volcanic crater. 

  • Grand Anse Beach is the most famous in all of Grenada. 

  • There are three national parks in Grenada, but the most famous and largest one is the Grand Etang National Park. 

  • The people of Grenada are called Grenadians 

  • Usually in Grenada it’s seen as rude to wear beach wear when you’re not on the beach. 

  • The majority of the locals in Grenada are of black descent. 

  • There is only one jail in Grenada.