Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes, Greece


The most historical of all the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes an architectural gem that has gone through an astonishing repertoire of influences, and is the ultimate destination for all types of travelers – from the history lovers, to the languid sun worshippers, to the adventurous. The town perfectly juxtaposes ancient ruins and medieval fortresses with crystal-clear waters that will take you on a journey through civilizations and intensely beautiful sceneries. There are thriving villages, hidden coves, remnants of dozens of past civilizations and an unparalleled quintessential Mediterranean vibe.

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Unforgettable Moments - Rhodes Highlights

Rhodes is an incredibly diverse city, and each day will be filled with a chance to bask under the sun at one of its dozen beaches, exploring remnants of its Islamic past, learning about its Jewish history, visiting Roman and Byzantine attractions and spending your evenings sipping on local wine at its many waterfront bars and restaurants. There is absolutely no doubt that Rhodes is a fully inclusive destination spot.

Day-by-Day Breakdown

Day 1: Arrival + Beach Relaxation


Welcome to Rhodes!  

You’ll be arriving at the Rhodes International Airport, and while there is a bus that can take you to the center in 40 minutes for EUR2.20, we highly recommend renting a car. Rhodes is not an island you can see on foot, and while there is a regular bus service, having a car will be extremely convenient. You can always schedule airport pick-ups to make sure you have the car when you land. The trip from the airport to the center will take you around 30 minutes


The best thing to do on your first is to simply relax. There will be plenty to do and see on your trip, and you’ll probably be rife with jet lag at this point. Drop your bags at your hotel and venture of to see what this island has to offer. Grab breakfast at one of the taverns next to your hotel and head straight to one of the most beautiful beaches in Rhodes, Agathi Beach.

You’ll find that the beach has been wonderfully persevered, and it has more of a “secluded island” vibe than a “touristy resort” one. Spend a few hours there tanning the jet lag away.


Grab lunch at Taverna Kostas – one of the friendliest restaurants near the Old Town of Rhodes. The restaurant is quite simple, but it matches the energy of your first day – relaxed, slow, and indulgent. Try the renowned succulent octopus salad there. Next, walk towards Mandraki Harbor, a harbor that was once the military port for Rhodes. Legend has it that the Mandraki Harbor used to house the statue of Colossus of Rhodes. Explore the medieval windmills, check out the architecture of the harbor, and take some postcard-worthy pictures.


Definitely spend your first night at the liveliest resort in Rhodes – Faliraki. Brimming with life and energy, the resort has a plethora of bars, restaurants, and late-night clubs.

Day Two: Lindos

How does a white-washed bakery/café on the way to an Acropolis sound as a start to your morning? Pretty good, we’re guessing. Drop in for some fresh coffee, a fresh sandwich or a bougatsa and get ready for a long day of exploration.


You’ll be spending most of your second day in Lindos, one of Rhodes’ ancient cities and definitely the most picturesque of them all. Think narrow streets lined with colorful houses, cobbled alleyways, and sandy beaches all in one.


The Greek charm is undeniable! Your first stop will be the Acropolis of Lindos, a majestic archeological site and one of the most visited in all of Greece. The acropolis dates back to the 4th century, but the best thing about it is actually the journey to it! So, despite the fact that you can go to the acropolis on foot, we recommend hiring a donkey (EUR5 one-way) because the ascent to the top is quite a steep one. The Acropolis is open until 2:40 pm so make sure you go there as early as possible so you can have enough time to explore the entire place. Walk around the columns, the settlements, and check out the remains of the temple that was once there.


*Do not forget to bring a hat, sunscreen and a lot of water as there is no shade.

Late Afternoon

Go back to the main square of Lindos, and check out the Church of Panayia, with its beautiful frescoes, impressive chandeliers and vaulted ceilings. We recommend spending the rest of the afternoon wandering around, watching the sunset from the bay, and stopping at Nireas for some exceptional seafood delicacies.


If you’d rather spend your afternoon at the beach, then Nikolas Beach offers beautiful sandy shores lapped by turquoise shallow waters and emanating a lively atmosphere.


Pepito Cocktail Bar is a favorite for both, locals and tourists, thanks to its unique cocktail menu. Spend the night there, and enjoy the various free snacks served with your drinks!

Day 3: A little bit of history!

Day 3: A little bit of history!


Visit Billy’s Palace for some fresh coffee and baguettes mixed with great music and a chill atmosphere and then head towards Kalithea Springs and Beach. This luxurious retreat is the perfect place to start your morning in. You’ll find natural springs that you can swim in, a lagoon where you can sunbathe, and a lot of places you can simply enjoy a cocktail at. For just EUR3, the place is definitely worth it.


After you’ve had enough of the beach, walk towards the old, at the top of the Street of the Knights. There you will find the majestic Palace of the Grand Master, a structure that looks like something straight out of a fairytale. Towers, ramparts, antiques, mosaic floors and hundreds of rooms – you’ll be spoilt with choice with things to explore there.


If you’ve spent your morning at a retreat, then it only makes sense to have lunch at a healthy, veggie-only restaurant! Fresh juices, plenty of greens, and locally-grown food, Marouli serves stylish and delicious healthy meals. Try out the vegan Thai pineapple and fried rice there.


If you still want to explore a little bit more, walk towards the Church of Our Lady of the Castle – a gem from the Byzantine era that mixes the Gothic and Ottoman architecture together. This is one of the most famous attractions in Rhodes, and the interior dates back to hundreds of years ago and boasts gorgeous paintings and frescoes.


If you’d rather just relax by the beach, then take a short boat trip (or take your car) to St. Paul’s Bay. A beautiful beach surrounded by soaring cliffs and a great place to try snorkeling!


To end your day, we recommend visiting Oasis Beach Bar, located right in the heart of the Kallithea Beach. The décor is great, the cocktails are cool, and the setting is unreal!

Day 4: Symi Day Trip!

Symi is one of the most popular day trips from Rhodes, and is known for its “quaint fishing town” vibe, sandy beaches, and top-notch restaurants. Symi can only be reached by boat or ferry from Rhodes but make sure you know which port you’re departing from. If you’re going to take the high-speed catamarans then head to Kolonna Port, while if you’re taking the car transport ferries, head towards the Akandia Port. Check out timetables here. The trip will take you around an hour and a half, and prices start from EUR30.


Visitors are quite literally always stunned when they first arrive to Symi. While on the ferry boat, make sure you snap some photos of the harbor, the panoramic views and the stunning hillside stacked with colorful houses. Once you arrive, start by exploring the main town of Gialos. It’s brimming with local kafenios, winding streets, and colorful houses and shops. Next, check out the Agios Ioannis Church, a 19th-century church bell tower with intricate décor and a beautiful interior. The Symi Folk Museum is also quite close to the church, and you’ll be able to learn more about the traditions and customs of the Romans who used to live there.


Have lunch at the most famous fish restaurant in Symi, Manos Fish Taverns and enjoy one of their many local delights. Take a water taxi to one of Symi’s dozens of beaches – specifically Agia Nikolas and Agia Marina and spend the rest of your afternoon there.


Spend your evening at Mandala, a garden-bar with live acoustic sessions and innovative cocktails and drinks.

Day Five: Beaches & Old Towns.


The aromatic coffee drifting through the walls of Old Town Corner are enough to make you want to stay there forever. Amazing pastries, some good old baklava, and fresh juices = the formula to a perfect breakfast. Start your day lazing around the colorful umbrellas of Faliraki Beach, or if you feel a little bit adventurous then visit the largest water park in Europe there.


Your entire afternoon will definitely be spent exploring the marvelous medieval heritage in the Old Town. In fact the entire center is a declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is the most popular area in Rhodes. The walls tell stories that date back to 2,500 years ago, and there plenty of imposing walls, hammams, mosques, palaces, and much more to explore there.


Start by walking from Grand Masters to the Street of the Knights, and really savor the allure of the oldest inhabited medieval town of Europe. The best thing about it too is the fact that all attractions are a walking distance from each other! You’d have already visited the Palace of the Grand Masters by then, so walk around the Sokratous street with shops, taverns, and medieval walls and then head over to the Modern Greek Art Museum. There’s everything there – from an art gallery, to artifacts, to sculptures and 20th century paintings.


End your day by going back to Faliraki and enjoy fresh cocktails and live DJ sets at Chaplins Beach Bar.

Day Six: 


Glistening emerald water, underwater scenery, and beautiful rock surroundings all await at Anthony Quinn Bay. Spend your entire morning there, lounging under the sun and snorkeling. You’ll be amazed at the marine life you’ll be able to see thanks to the crystal clear waters of the bay.


The Tsambika Monastery is one of Rhodes’ top attractions and offers unreal panoramic views mixed with a religious setting on top of a hill. The breath-taking views of Lindos, Kolymbia, Tsambika and Rhodes are definitely worth the hike up. Have lunch at Calypso (you can’t miss out on their grilled lamb chops). We recommend sitting on the roof terrace outside.


If you’re a wine lover, then 12 Nisi Gourmet Restaurant is the perfect place to end your trip with. A spectacular selection of fine wines, French dishes, and international flavors – the place is nothing less than luxurious.

Day 7: yasoo Rhodes!

We recommend taking an evening flight out of Rhodes  so you can give yourself a few extra hours to explore Rhodes. We recommend spending the last day by the beach relaxing!